Magna Ethnic Mining Museum Board Member Changes

By: Howard Stahle -
A full agenda was waiting for the museum board following the summer vacation.

Magna Ethnic Mining Museum

Magna Ethnic Mining Museum

On tap was the resignation of Lewis Panopulos as vice president. He stated in his resignation that he would like to remain as a volunteer. The action was approved and a welcome accorded for the volunteer status.

A thank you accompanied the efforts Panopulos has given for the museum in the past.

Before any other business could  be decided a new member was needed to fill out the board. Some names were discussed, however, one name, that of Paul Walton was discussed for membership. He is an enthusiastic museum person who even has a small museum at his home. He was nominated for membership.

As this still left a vacancy on the board, further action was taken on names for vice president. No one offered their name in nomination. After some consideration the name of Paul Walton was placed. With great support the vote was taken and a new vice  president named.

A plea for more volunteers was told to the trustees. Annabeth Mecham stated a new month creates a need for more volunteers. The museum is open now from Tuesday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Other business was discussed and decided. A motion to adjourn was recognized and the meeting finished.

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