Kearns Community Museum for a Day

The Smithsonian is joining the Utah Division of Arts & Museums to create a one-day small museum in Kearns on September 29th . The museum will be open from 10 am to 6 pm at the LDS chapel located at 4260 West 5215 South. Even the location has historical meaning – it was the site of the community’s first outdoor pool.
The museum will display artifacts that have been collected over the past 20 years, including many artifacts which have never been seen by the public. Kearns historian, Pam Todd, has been active in collecting items from Camp Kearns. “There’s a story behind every item that will displayed,” she said in a press release, “everything from rare letters home, uniforms, scrapbooks, linens, dishes, soaps, food, a daily log and shoe repairs—to the base newspaper.”
Since Kearns will celebrate its 75th anniversary next year, “This will be a great way for kids to earn a merit badge, and to see the rare and rich history Kearns has,” she said. “It is our hope that we can participate each year [in the museum day].”
Until some future day, when Kearns can get its own museum, this may be best chance to get a look at the community’s history on display at one site. Don’t miss the opportunity!

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