State of Utah House of Representatives, the race for House District 22 remains firmly centered in Magna

This year three separate candidates remain in the running for the single office that Magna can elect to represent Magna outside of Magna, Utah State House of Representatives Seat 22.  A longtime Magna resident Susan “Sue” Duckworth, a Democrat, currently occupies seat 22 since 1 January 2009, according to her website.  Neither Duckworth nor her campaign responded to requests for an interview.

The Oquirrh Times was able to conduct interviews with both write in candidate Sarge Froehl of the “reform” party, and Marilee Roose of the Constitution Party of Utah.

Sarge (Froehle), write in candidate “Sarge


Sarge House District 22 candidate.

Sarge is a retired Army Master Sergeant who has been most recently involved with the Magna Concerned Citizens (Tea Party).  He was born in Thief River Falls, Minnesota (about 50 miles east of Grand Forks, North Dakota and 60 miles south of the Canadian Border).  His last Active Duty assignment brought him to Fort Douglas in 1984, with sixth Army Headquarters.  He moved to Magna and decided to remain after his retirement.  He owns one of the few remaining horse properties in Magna and continues to work on his own land following retirement in 1986 from active military service.

His platform includes accountability and representation of the people in government.  He feels that the state legislature should be making better use of their time.


  • An example of needless legislation according to him was House Bill 219 (Feb. 2011), that establishes the ‘John M. Browning designed M1911 automatic pistol as the state firearm of Utah.  Legislation as this Sarge referred to as “fluff” and a “waste of the legislature’s time.”  He feels there are more pressing issues that should be the priority for the elected representatives.  He points out that his belief is the state legislature should be capped at a certain number of pieces of legislation during each annual session, effectively forcing the legislators to focus on the most important issues during any given session.


  • Another major point for his campaign is having an open, ethical, and accountable government.  In March of 2011, House Bill 477 was passed and signed into law – excluding Utah State government records from GRAMA (Government Records Access and Management Act).  This closes off public access to standard government records, which by itself certainly raises questions.  The passing of this bill has raised question among citizens and voters alike about why State Government needs to shield voters from seeing what is going on in the government.


  • He also cites the fact that within the State of Utah, there is no provision in the state constitution or in State Law to allow the citizens to recall elected officials who no longer have the confidence of their constituents to execute their respective elected office.  He believes that having a recall provision of some sort is necessary to protect the citizens from out of control government, and is a basic protection of citizen’s individual rights.


  • He wants to bring in legal controls to prevent elected officials from receiving “free” pensions and retirement benefits at the expense of the taxpayer.

  • He also believes that there should be term limits on all elected offices to prevent career politicians from becoming entrenched, preventing families from maintaining decades of control over political office.  Throughout Utah history, this has been a problem as well as a concern of voters.


Sarge brings an uncommon perspective, originally from somewhere else and choosing Magna as his permanent home.  His children and grandchildren  graduated from Cyprus since he has relocated and become part of Magna in the 1980’s – proving that a person is not required to have grown up entirely in Magna to care about Magna.


Sarge’s campaign website is located at:

Also see his work with Represent Me Utah


Marilee Roose is running as the Constitution candidate also for District 22.  She is an eleven year resident of Magna.  Though she is comparatively new to Magna, she already considers it her home.  She has previously been a small business owner and worked as a Dean of Students at a former private school (Kimber Academy, a K-12 school in Sandy).

Marilee Roose candidate

Marilee Roose Utah House District 22 Candidate

The main parts of her platform consist of a smaller more efficient government by reducing spending and making a concerted effort to work with constituents to provide the representation they elected her for.   Her primary motivations for running are twofold.  First, to provide voters with a choice, as the Republican candidate pulled out of the race.  Second, to demonstrate to citizens that there are more than two parties able to put forward good candidates who will work to represent voters.  In large part, she wants to show people that “here [in Magna] we are normal people.”  She feels strongly that an important part of the democratic process is for ordinary citizens to participate in government.


  • Roose would like to see government simplified.  She recalled a conversation with outgoing Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, in which Shurtleff conveyed ‘it is possible to find anyone to be breaking the law because the legal code is so complicated and contradictory.’  She feels that the average citizen should not require attorneys to review every single decision before it is made.


  • She is concerned about recent issues on the horizon, which have the potential to have negative impacts on the community.


  • Marilee sees the current rate of spending by the state government as a major problem.  “If I am elected I will be willing to examine every program for efficiency and budget restraints.  There can be no ‘sacred cows’, there is too much wasteful spending by government.”  She emphasized that “dealing with all fiscal matters, we need to balance the needs of people with what makes sense for government to spend.”  She explained she understands that the government’s entire budget, tax revenue, comes to the government through the hard work of individual citizens. That money should be used in ways to provide necessary services, improving the quality of life, as well as being there to help in the cases of need.


  • Increasing taxes on businesses only causes businesses to in-turn to pass those increases on to consumers.  She also believes that neither businesses nor people should receive special tax breaks.  In short, her perspective is that tax revenue should be spent with great care.


  • She, like most parents in Utah, sees education as one of the highest priorities.  She has been an educator but disagrees with the notion better education is only available if more money is spent.  She feels that much of the money spent on education is wasted in layers of bureaucracy, with less funding than is needed in the classroom.  She feels that the public education system is over-focused on testing metrics instead of ‘skill’ and ‘results’ oriented training.  “The current state education requirements prevent teachers from being able to be creative in teaching. They are forced to teach to tests instead of concepts.”  She would like to see discretion given to local schools, putting the power back in the hands of the teachers and parents adequately providing job skills and well rounded knowledge to students.


Roose believes that she can provide better access to her constituents by being flexible with her schedule.  When asked about what separates her from the other candidates, she cited “statesmanship.”  Expounding she feels that specifically her experience working at a private school, helping students and parents work with the administrators and teachers built the skills needed, to bring ordinary citizens and legislators together to accomplish their goals and maintain good government.


The Marilee Roose Campaign website is at:

Additional information on her campaign and positions at Vote Utah:

As a result of the 2010 Census, Utah went through the process of redistricting.  This process added an additional U.S. Congressional seat (Utah increased from 3 to 4).  A number of changes happened on the State and Local level as well.  The west side of Salt Lake County has seen a significant increase in population.  This has resulted in changes in districts throughout the state.  For more information on the results of this process, please visit the official Redistrict Utah website at for more information including an interactive map that allows you to see the precise boundaries.


The current representative, Susan Duckworth, states on her campaign website that she essentially took over from her husband Carl Duckworth (D) after he was diagnosed with cancer.  Carl had previously held the office since 1999.  She was elected to the office during the 2008 election, and was re-elected to a second term following that first term. Utah House District Seat 22 has remained inside the Duckworth household since 1999, a fact that concerned both candidates interviewed for this article.  As noted before, neither Susan Duckworth nor her campaign responded to the request for an interview.

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Come Out and Vote Early

Voters need no excuse to utilize this convenient voting method. In order to be eligible to participate in Early Voting, voters must be registered to vote at least 30 days prior to the election.

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4A State Playoffs clouded in controversy, UHSAA rules Cyprus out of playoffs

Dan Powers – Staff Writer: (

A controversial series of decisions issued first by Region Six, and the UHSAA Executive Committee are overturned by the Board of Trustees of the Utah High School Activities Association have left East High Leopards in the playoffs and left out the much improved Cyprus Pirates (5-5), who finished the season with two strong performances. Even with East’s dominating win over the Mountain View Bruins Tuesday night has failed to quell statewide discontent among principles, coaches, parents, and players across the state of Utah.

Timeline of events:

Wednesday Oct. 10: Region 6 learns of possible ‘ineligible’ players playing on East High Football Team. Region 6 Principals open an investigation.

Tuesday Oct. 16: Region 6 Principals meet at Woods Cross High School for two hours and hold a press conference. Region 6 imposed sanctions against East for playing “ineligible” players:
Original Sanctions imposed by Region 6 Principals (in 5-1 vote): Head Coach suspended for 2 games; ineligible players not allowed to participate until declared eligible UHSAA; East on probation for one year; future eligibility infractions result in forfeiture of all games; $1500 fine.

Wednesday Oct. 17: East High Athletic Director Kathy Butler resigns after 23 years as the East AD, taking full responsibility for “misunderstanding” new player eligibility rules.

Thursday, October 18: UHSAA Executive Committee rules in 3-2 vote that East must forfeit 7 wins, placing them number 5 out of 6 in Region Six rankings. This would also make them ineligible in the 2012 4A State Football Playoffs. This included a win against Cyprus being vacated, improving the Pirates’ record to 6-4 overall (2-3 in Region 6 play).
• East forfeits 5 region six wins, now (1-8 overall); Region 6 Football Championship forfeited; head coach suspended from participating/attending next 3 games but allowed to participate in practices; East disqualified from playoffs; ineligible players not allowed to participate until declared eligible UHSAA; East on probation for one year; future eligibility infractions result in forfeiture of all games; $1500 fine.

Thursday Evening (Oct. 18): Local television news stories are aired on the 9 and 10pm newscasts with a focus on one player who had a medical condition that his father (already an East High coach), says he was just trying to monitor his son. Nearly every coach and player interviewed cried on camera and lamented how unfair this was to the students playing on the football team. First so many news outlets being invited to East High for the meeting where the news about the UHSAA ruling was passed on to the team in highly unusual. Second, even more unusual is that the media outlets attended with a cadre of reporters and cameras. Third, without digging into the entire context, these stories were run on the air presenting only one part of the situation and none initially pointed out that there were 4 players ineligible and 1 varsity starter (These details all came out over the course of the days following in the 3 UHSAA hearings).

Friday, October 19: UHSAA Board of Trustees overturns the Thursday ruling allowing East to NOT forfeit the game against Cyprus placing East as the number four team in Region 6 play, leaving Cyprus out of the playoffs entirely.
• East forfeits 5 region six wins, now (2-7 overall, not required to forfeit game against Cyprus); Region 6 Football Championship forfeited; Head Coach suspended from participating/attending next 3 games but allowed to participate in practice; East qualified from playoffs as Region Six fourth seed;  East is not allowed to play a playoff game at home; ineligible players not allowed to participate until declared eligible UHSAA; East on probation for one year; future eligibility infractions result in forfeiture of all games; $1500 fine.

Sunday, October 21: Herriman High School holds rally in protest of East’s participation in playoffs after admitting violating eligibility rules playing 4 ineligible players through the 2012 season.

Monday, October 22: UHSAA invites 4A Coaches and administrators to hearing to discuss the UHSAA decision on Friday allowing East to remain in playoffs, and other sanctions imposed. The UHSAA will not reverse the decision to allow East to compete in playoffs.  Both  Scott Wooldridge (Football Head Coach) and Bob Fratto (Boys Athletic Director) from Cyprus attended the meeting.

To the larger community of coaches and administrators throughout Utah, the situation has the appearance of a double standard on the part of the UHSAA. In an interview with Coach Bob Fratto, (Cyprus Men’s Athletic Director), expressed concerns about the ruling of the Board of Trustees at the UHSAA, he is not alone. Many including coaches, principles, and the public across the state have expressed grave concern over the inconsistency.
The Pirates’ season thus ended with a decisive 38-14 win over Hillcrest on Oct. 17, improving their record this season to 5-5 under new Head Coach Scott Wooldridge. The week prior in spite of a cold downpour of rain, the Pirates were victorious on Friday Oct. 12 in a 31-6 rout of Clearfield during homecoming in front of a full stadium. Competing next year within the loaded Region 6 will be no easy task for Cyprus. No coach or player ever wants to have numbers in the loss column, however for the Pirates to improve from a winless 2011 campaign to .500 in 2012 is a welcome change in Magna.

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The Diva with the Red Hattitude 10/25/2012

Andrea L. Boone – Editorial Columnist: Autumn is definitely here; I awoke this morning with a startle and then realized it was the sound of rain pitter pattering on the window pane. Quite a change in the weather but in the Salt Lake Valley there has not been a bit of snow. That will soon change, I am sure
I’m tired of all the political stuff that is on TV, in the papers. Enough is enough oh, in about three weeks it will be over.
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Killer Pool; Girl Power

Andrea L. Boone – Editorial Columnist: Sponsored by the American legion Post 71 in the south Salt Lake area, killer pool is played every Monday night. It’s a unique game of pool where you are given a rotation number, the balls are racked and broken, each person gets one shot and the last one shooting and making the ball or clearing the table is the winner. This past week, it was girl power. Bernita Blockovich won the first round and Nina Mason won the second game. Both are from the 132 Unit Auxiliary in Kearns. We always have a wonderful dinner prepared by the host, American Legion 71. A good time is had by all. Besides, we get to watch Monday night football, too. This past week was a triple bonus, the debate, the Baseball play off game and football where the Bears ruled. There was something for everyone to watch!

Pictured, Nina Mason and Bernita Blockovich. Photo by Andrea L. Boone

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The Pleasant Green Cemetary Needs Volunteers

By David McGrath – Staff Writer: On Oct 13 at 9 AM, Hiram Bertoch, the President of the Board of Trustees of the Pleasant Green Cemetery Preservation and Development Association, will need at least 30 people to come to the cemetery to help plant 600 bulbs. These bulbs will help to beautify it for generations to come.
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Candidates Day at Magna Senior Center

Candidates running in the Utah elections spoke to the seniors at the Magna senior center on Sept 28 at 10 am. According to Anna Dresel, the associate director for Salt Lake aging services, this event took place so that the seniors could become informed about the candidates running for office.
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“Why I Love Magna”

Sylvia Sutton Sharp – Editorial Columnist: Home again to my beloved town! Yeah it feels so good! But great times were had while I traveled. I discovered Portland, Oregon is a VERY beautiful area. Wow!  The green there is the greenest (new word?), although we only saw it from the air and the airport, I fell in love with the place.
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Friendship Gate Celebration

The Friendship Gate is now open to the public.

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West Valley Pet Festival

By David McGrath – Staff Writer: West Valley—On Sept 29, pet owners had a chance to bond with their pets at the second annual petfest which happened at the West Valley Animal Shelter, located at 4522 W 3500 S in West Valley. The event included a “Best Dressed Pet Competition,” Police K-9 demonstration, training activities, vendors and services, and live music from the band Zenith.

West Valley Pet Fest at the West Valley City Park

The West Valley Pet Festival held at the West Valley City Park on September 29, 2012. Photo by David McGrath

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